Dr. Skuban begins most treatment sessions with a five-minute AcuGraph Digital Meridian exam. Blending ancient knowledge with state-of-the-art computer technology, the AcuGraph analyzes the energetic status of the patient’s acupuncture meridians. The results are displayed in a series of charts and graphs that objectively display the overall health of your meridian system and reveals excesses, deficiencies and imbalances that need to be addressed. These data, coupled with Dr. Skuban’s 20 years of knowledge and experience, assists her in providing the best treatment.


Electrical muscle stimulation stimulates, and builds muscles in order to re-educate their best function while blocking pain signals and enhancing the strength and endurance of those muscles. It is used for pain and works by blocking pain signals and improving blood circulation, reducing muscle spasms, improving muscle weakness that can cause postural imbalances, and increasing stability of musculature post-injury.


Sometimes ear seeds are used to prolong the effects of an acupuncture treatment. Traditionally, actual seeds were used, usually Vaccaria seeds. Now ear seeds may incorporate tiny tacks, magnets and gold or silver pellets which are attached with nearly undetectable small discs of clear or skintone tape.

A new and fun addition to auricular therapy is the addition of a decoration on the outside of the taped-on ear seed. You can have your symptoms addressed and bring some bling to your ear with Swarovsky Crystals!


Patients with strong aversion to needles may opt for medical lasers as a substitute. In Cold Laser Therapy (CLT), safe, painless lasers are used to clear blockages, increase energy flow, balance meridians, boost immunity, energize cells, stimulate endorphins, reduce inflammation, relieve pain and increase the body’s own natural healing ability.

Medical lasers are used in specific red wavelengths to tonify and specific blue wavelengths to sedate, and these lasers may also be used to enhance the effect of needles in certain treatments.