I booked a session here back in April. I arrived with a migraine and some severe lower back pain after a stress injury at the beach the day prior. I walked out completely refreshed.

Renee isn’t just knowledgeable and skilled at her craft, she’s an amazing human, who can pull pain out of your body with an intuitive level of precision that is just hard to find. Please do yourself a favor and make this your new regular go to spot.

Michael K.

I’ve been seeing Renee now for over 8 years, initially seeking relief for a lower back issue. I was initially skeptical about acupuncture but decided to give it a try since straight massage was not helping. After a few visits not only did my back feel better but my overall well being improved. I’ve been faithfully going every two weeks since to maintain my health and to relieve occasional aches and pains and even just to relieve stress. I highly recommend A New Leaf… Renee is very professional and you will be glad you made acupuncture a part of your life!

Sheri G.

I have been a patient of Renee’s for the last 10 years. This long-term relationship formed due to her professionalism and attentiveness to my needs. I also appreciate her friendliness and above all her caring nature. I highly recommend her!

name A.

I recommend Renee Skuban, DOM to anyone who is interested in experiencing positive and consistent results.

For my healthcare time and investment I want results. Renee has helped me very effectively with everything from insomnia, digestive issues, hormonal fluctuation, allergies, frozen shoulder and more. She possesses a rare and unique talent.

Her wisdom and intuition combine with her experience and skill and you know you are in good hands. She puts you at ease and makes it very easy for you to relax into healing and so healing, being welcome, occurs.

Are you looking for a truly talented healer to help you experience results? Go see Renee!

Kate W.
From my experiences over the past seven years, I can unequivocally say Renee is always caring, thoughtful and EFFECTIVE! With other doctors, I typically sit in a waiting room 30 to 40 minutes and walk out feeling no better, with prescriptions I don’t want. That has never happened here: I’ve never had to wait, no drugs to take and feeling better every time.
I’m an avid mountain biker and, from time to time, I get injured… a strained this, a pulled that. Every time, Renee’s treatments have significantly reduced or eliminated subsequent pain and, I’m convinced, accelerated healing. Just two days ago, a back strain had me bent forward, unable to stand straight without acute pain. Renee did her “acu-magic” yesterday, and today I’m back in the saddle! It’s been the same with any constitutional issues that have come up. Dr. Skuban’s the BEST!
Chik S.

I was having the second episode of uncontrollable gagging and some vomiting and could not swallow a single bite of food.

I called Dr. Skuban and I started feeling a little better as soon as I spoke with her. She saw me right away and when I went home I was able to eat without any difficulty at all.

The first time this happened to me I took the western route and went to the emergency room, where I waited for hours until they finally did all kinds of tests. It ended up costing so much money and my problem did not resolve for several days.

She takes her time with you and uses any and all of her skills, and in my experience you will feel better.

Ricardo G.